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  • Figure out how you feel about the other person. Do not falsely express love, or lead someone on with your ambivalence.
  • Don’t expect yourself to be a master at the “touchy-feely” game. Be yourself, but remember that there is a basic assumption of human decency that must be adhered to in…
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your name is dirk strider and you are a doritosexual because why the fuck not, you do what you want
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This is because Fahrenheit is based on a brine scale and the human body. The scale is basically how cold does it have to be to freeze saltwater (zero Fahrenheit) to what temperature is the human body (100-ish Fahrenheit, although now we know that’s not exactly accurate). Fahrenheit was designed around humans.Celsius and Kelvin are designed around the natural world.Celsius is a scale based on water. Zero is when water freezes, 100 is when water boils.Kelvin uses the same scale as Celsius (one degree, as a unit, is the same between the two), but defines zero as absolute zero, which is basically the temperature at which atoms literally stop doing that spinning thing. Nothing can exist below zero Kelvin. It’s the bottom of the scale.So.Fahrenheit: what temperatures affect humansCelsius: what temperatures affect waterKelvin: what temperatures affect atoms

Why didn’t my science teachers ever see fit to toss off this little fact?

#this is why i hate people that are all like oooh fahrenheit makes no sense
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AU - “ Lady and the Bully”Slice of life, school, romance. Humanstuck.John’s version - Musician

from  troubleselfmaker
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My fortune cookie of the day said, “If you live a long life it will be thanks to your friends’s self control”. That’s probably true.

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